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Niagara Chocolate fundraising sale

posted Jun 20, 2016, 2:59 PM by Kerry Gallman   [ updated Jun 22, 2016, 9:52 AM by Wappingers Pack 15 ]

Niagara Chocolate sales are a great opportunity for your scout to build up his scout fund that can be used towards scouting expenses such as registration and other pack/scouting events. A scout must earn his way! Families in the past have been able to fully covered the scout registration by selling chocolates. We will love for all of our scouts to participate. 

How it works:
One case has 50 chocolate bars and cost $50.00. Cost of a box is $25.00 and the other $25.00 goes to the scouts’ account. These are very delicious chocolates, cases come in variety of 5 flavors (10 bars of each) Crisped Rice, Peanut Butter, Mint Cookie, Caramel and Toasted Almond. 

How to Buy:
Cases are pre-ordered and pre-paid. Each case is $50 and when your scouts sells, you reimburse yourself. As described above, scout earns $25.00 towards his scout fund as soon as a box is purchased. 1 box =$25, 2 box =$50 and so on.
2.9% fee is charged for online payments. If paid online, scout will receive $25.00 - $1.45 PayPal fee\$23.55 per box.

To participate, please send your scouts name and number of cases to order to Norbin Cruz, Chairman @ By JUNE 27TH! (Next Monday).

Cash\Checks or Credit Cards!!! Yes, we are now accepting electronic payments via PayPal! Click below to place your order!

1-Box 50-Units $50.00 – Click Here

2-Boxes 100-Units $100.00 – Click Here

Cash\check - please write a check to “Cubscout Pack 3015” and give it to your Den Leader or Treasurer (Ed Gaklik) no later than June 30th.

Why the rush?… for starters we are behind. Second, I want to order the chocolate by Friday July 1st. They take approximately two weeks to be delivered. I’m going to handle the ordering while out of the country vacationing and want to make sure we have them shortly after I return - second week in July.

PS - Additional to the individual sales, we will be setting up a Go-N-Sale at Galleria July 16th and 17th. All funds collect for this event will be used to help lower the registration cost for 2016-2017 for all Scouts. Please make sure you child is able to attend. More information will be send out the week on July 11th. Any questions please contact your Den Leader or myself at